Scuderia Zagreb is a lifestyle business, boutique company, specialised in design and automotive industry. Since 2008 we organise our own events and create content, we design products and communication for clients and connect professionals with companies. Our business model is based on social responsibility.

Daniel Tomičić (MA, MSc), Partner

Daniel acquired a dual master degree of Art History and History at the University of Zagreb. He started career as assistant curator in the Gallery Klovićevi dvori in Zagreb. For more than a decade, he writes on automotive culture in various worldwide media. In 2008 Daniel started to organise Auto(r) automotive design, Scuderia Zagreb raison d’être.

Tina Marković, Partner

Tina is Educator and Croatist. After career in education, she pursued her passion for design. In 2013 Tina started Produkteka, B2B product design platform.